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Acai or Assai EDTA
Alpha Lipoic Acid Enhanced Collagen
Acetyl Carnitine Graviola
Avena Sativa Glucomannan
Aloe Vera GABA
Arginine Goji
Blue Green Barley Ginko
Barley Juice  Ginger
Beta Sitosterol Ginseng 
Berry C Glucosamine Sulfate
Bitter Melon Grapeseed Extract
Bilberry Green Tea
Blueberry  Hoodia
Cactus Diet Horny Goat Weed
Capsicum Hgh Support
CarboBind Joint Care Pro
Chlorella Kelp
Cinnamon L- Arginine
Coral Calcium L- Arginine
Chamomile L-Lysine
Cherry (Tart) L-Glutamine
Collagen L-Carnitine
CoQ10 Licorice
Cocoa  ManGoji
CortiFast Maca Root
Damiana Magnolia Bark
DeOxify Magnesium
Mangosteen Relax & Fast
Milk Thistle Revive & Fast
MSM Red Clover
Muira Puama Red Raspberry Leaf
Multivitamin Red Raspberry Seed
NAC Sage Leaf
Nature's Defense Saw Palmetto
Nature Detox Spirulina
NiteRight SugarLow
Noni Tribulus Terrestris
Nopal Cactus Vitamin E
Policosanol Vitamin C
Prostate Formula Viastim Products
Wholesale Only 12 & 24 Packs
Cardio Support Formula Nattokinase
Hoodinator Revive & Fast
Goji 40% Polysaccharides Weight Formula
Curcumin 95% Hawthorn Berry
Milk Thistle 80% Policosanol-Hawthorn Berry
Colostrum 30% IGG Ellagic Acid 40%
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Male Performance Hair & Skin
Female Performance Joint Care
Sleep Aids Vitamins & Minerals
Diet & Energy HGH Support
Antioxidants Sleep Aids
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In accordance with the FDA these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any diseases. Please consult your health care professional prior to taking dietary supplements. Information on this site is given for educational purposes only and is not to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a health condition, please seek the advice of your doctor.
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  Congradulations to AmerMed product user Mike Wolfley for breaking his own bench press world record.
  Did you know that that gelatin capsules are good for you? Gelatin capsules are 95% protein and break down very fast compared to vegetable capsules. Two piece capsules often contain less excipients than tablets, liquids, or softgels. Often there is nothing added to the capsule except the active ingredient itself. Most tablets require binders to stick together and softgels may require the actives to be premixed in vegetable oil. To make a liquid drink from powders like goji or acai, water is added and what will not go into solution may be filtered out prior to bottling. Liquids usually require flash heating and or preservatives or refrigeration to keep fresh.
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